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Cash is King & Queen! Cash flow worksheets

Cash flowYou've all heard it a before..."Cash is King", but what does that mean to you?  Everything!  You can have the best product, the best marketing, the best employees, the best website, increasing sales, and on and on and on.  However, it is all for nothing without a positive cash flow.  Run out of cash and you either plug the hole with a Line of Credit or quite die.  Click on the picture at left and it will lead you to a great cash flow tool available from SCORE.  It is an easy to use excel spreadsheet that will help you monitor your 12 month cash flow and identify problems before they have a chance to sneak up on you and your business.  You'll find the excel spreadsheet link about half way down the page.  You will also find lots of other ready to use business spreadsheets and templates.  A great resource with lots of toys for business owners to play with.