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Senseless distractions - Focusing on what is important

DartboartcloseupHow often are we distracted by troubles or the thought of troubles that are totally beyond our control?  Only a very few business owners have the discipline to consistently focus on those few things that can make a difference in moving them forward.  We are constantly inundated with "troubles".  The economy is bad, our elected officials don't get it, the weather is horrible...you name it, the list of distractions that are beyond our control is endless.  These "beyond our control" distractions often paralyze even the best entrepreneur.  True success is found when we are able to put these items out of our mind and instead focus on the areas that we can control.  Things like hiring the best people, identifying profitable market segments, differentiating our product or service and  having a solid strategy to move our business forward are really the important things that we need to spend our time on.  Success lies in focusing on what is important, NOT on "troubles" outside our control.  Calvin Coolidge once said..."If you see ten troubles coming down the road, you can be sure that nine will run into the ditch before they reach you."  Don't get caught up in the distractions...focus on what you can control and you will be well on you way to both business and personal success.


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