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Brendon Burchard asks: “Did I Live? Did I Love? Did I Matter?”

I recently attended Brendon Burchard's High Performance Academy.  If I'm honest...I wasn't quite sure I wanted to go.  I was busy.  Aren't we all busy?  I was in the middle of putting together classes for our fall programs.  I was just plain tired out and wasn't excited about a cross country trip with a red-eye return flight that same weekend.  I was worried that it was another event of "joiners", a gathering of firewalking humans hell bent on tapping into some magic power that could only be accessed by knowing the secret chant.  Well, I went anyway and it was none of that.  Yes, it was high engery.  Yes, much of it was common sense that we need to be reminded of once in a while.  Yes, much of it was simple.  YES, there were some powerful moments and thoughts that resonated deeply and worth the time away from "being busy". The-Charge-by-Brendon-Burchard
Brendon is a high enegy presenter with some useful information, but more importantly...he sometimes stops, hits you right in the gut and really makes you think hard.  For me...three simple questions was worth the entire trip.  If I took nothing else away at all, these 3 questions are my compass now in all I do in this busy world.  Strip away the trappings of what the world measures success by and consider these questions each and every day.  It will change your perspective and your priorities.  Pretty simple...yet incredibly powerful.  "Did I Live?  Did I Love?  Did I Matter?"


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Tom Ulbrich

Michael...I thought the exact same thing, as you can tell from my post. I came away with a very different experience unrelated to do with anything to do with making money. No question...a marketing machine in action and I will be the first to say that not everything is valuable, but what speaker is? Note that he does a few different talks, I only went to this one particular one. I always look at these type of events as worthwhile if I have one really good takeaway. In this case I did and it wasn't anything related to selling, making money, speaking, etc. What is interesting about him vs. some of the other circuit speakers is that he shares a ton of insider information in regards to the speaking circuit. Next time I see you I will give you a copy of one of his books.

Michael Cardus

Curious to hear more about this conference / talk.
I find Burchard to be a hyperbolic network marketing hollow kind of speaker.
He is doing great at what he does, which is making money from people who he convinces can make money.
There is a good chance that I am wrong, I have not read his books.
That is why I am genuinely curious to hear more about this.

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