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Emotional Intelligence and Entrepreneurship

Does emotional intelligence (EQ) play a role in an entrepreneur’s success?  Aren’t entrepreneurs just individuals that are driven to success at all costs?  There are plenty of studies that show a connection between EQ and entrepreneurial success.  Through personal experience and observation, I can attest to what I believe is a direct link.   ImpressarioBeing a successful entrepreneur requires a diverse set of skills, EQ forms that foundation.  The most successful entrepreneurs are experts at identifying opportunities that others can’t see.  How do they do that?  Is it a sixth sense or is it really EQ?  They have a keen social awareness.  They are constantly observing, outwardly focused on the needs of others in an effort to identify needs that have not yet been met.  Sounds a little bit different than the typical money hungry vulture that the media sometimes describes, doesn’t it?  The most successful are masters of the art of leadership and teambuilding.  They understand how to manage themselves and their own emotions, as well as how to manage the delicate balance of relationships with others.  The best of the best appear to possess a multitude of skills needed to navigate the chaos of a startup.  They have the innate ability to observe, react, coordinate and manage the many moving pieces required to build a successful business, much more akin to the impresario of an orchestra than the socially awkward, inwardly focused individual society sometimes associates with entrepreneurial startups.   Yes, I do believe EQ plays a significant role in an entrepreneur’s success.  What do you think?




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