Focus to achieve your dreams
Lifestyle Business vs. Innovation Driven Growth Business. There is no right or wrong, the choice is yours.

SUCCESS, the choice is YOURS

Lots of BooksThere are 200,000+ business book titles in print. Why? How many possible takes can one have on running a business?  Why do we keep buying them? I read a ton of business books and I have to say that there are some great ones, at the same time many (maybe even most) are just a regurgitation of those that came before them.  Yet, they keep coming. 

Business titles continue to be produced and business owners continue to buy them. The answer to why may lie in the fact that most business owners struggle with success and are looking for quick answers.  After working with over 1,000 small business owners I can safely say that the answer to your struggles likely isn't in a book.  Nearly always, it lies somewhere within. 

You will begin to experience success when you conquer your fears, when you focus on areas of strength and interest, when you assemble and lead reliable teams, and when you have built a business based on blueprints of your own imagining based in a purpose greater than solely making money. 

Having a successful business is a choice, not a right.  There are no magic pills, a book, or even a consultant that can guarantee your success.  Only you can, but you have to earn it. You have to take an active role in envisioning the business of your dreams and then methodically putting the pieces into place that will ensure your success.  The actual act of running a business  isn't all that complicated.  You can learn all of the necessary pieces, but no one except you can decide to eliminate the many distractions that enter your daily life and instead choose to focus on the few initiates that will truly move your business forward. 

You are in control, the choice is yours. Now choose.

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